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Re: [cdt-dev] ASTRewrite rewrite

> > Having index reflect unsaved changes is an interesting but hard to
> > implement idea. There is no question that such index would be good for
> > refactoring and navigation. The question is how to implement it
> > efficiently. Do you have a proposal on how indexing of unsaved changes
> > should be done?
> Well I have not looked into it very closely. But of having changes in a
> file reflected into the index is already there in CDT. Right now it
> triggers when one saves a file. The big question here is how it would
> scale if this index-adaption action would not trigger on file save, but
> rather on type (same way as codan triggers)? Parsing of the AST is
> already done anyway, one could even take exactly the same AST to "feed"
> the index.

Why not just trigger on a refactoring action?


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