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[cdt-dev] Effect of preference "Index source files not included in the build"

Hello everybody,
I need some help regarding this preference. I don't understand the effect of it.

I have a standard make project where no specific include paths are specified and the source folder is specified as the project root folder.

If I enable the mentioned switch (plus "index unused headers" plus "allow heuristics") ~1800 header files are parsed.
If I disable only this switch ~500 headers are parsed.
If I enable this switch but disable "Index unused headers" ~1200 headers are parsed.

In all described cases the same amount of source files (225) have been parsed.

I already tried to dig into the java src code (AbstractIndexerTask) but I still do not undestand the effect of this switch. Can somebody give me a short description or a link to the respective class/java code/web page/help file?

Thank you in advance

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Marko Tomljenovic

Tel. 0711-811-54830

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