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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT and GitHub (was: RE: Unit testing support for Eclipse CDT)

* Schaefer, Doug <Doug.Schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011-08-31 11:54]:
> So, Andrew, are saying is that on a fetch (from the github repo in
> this case to the local repo from which I'll push to after
> the merge), all the new commit records get updated so that the
> Committer field is set to the name of the person doing the fetch?

Here's a concrete example from Linux Tools that may help.  The bug:

  Create unit tests for Helgrind

The contributor's GitHub commit (referenced in the bug):

I fetched from there and pushed into Linux Tools, resulting in:

As you can see, the committer is set to me and the author remains as the



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