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[cdt-dev] class StackFramesVMNode.IncompleteStackVMContext



This is a question about the standard DSF VM adapters.


I was wandering why StackFramesVMNode.IncompleteStackVMContext does not derive from IDMVMContext?

When IncompleteStackVMContext is used as a viewer input for the other views, we will end up with CompositeDMVMContexts created with empty list of parents.


Later on, my _expression_ service will be called with that CompositeDMVMContext.

Now the CompositeDMVMContext derives from IDMContext, but has no parents.


In my DM hierarchy I was expecting to be able to get to my root parent, but when <…more frames…> node is selected I cannot get to it.


I see that in GDB’s _expression_ services MIExpressions there is a special handle for that:

 inside CreateExpression, if we can’t get to an execution context from the DM context a InvalidContextExpressionDMC is created.


I can do the same, but I wanted to make sure that StackFramesVMNode.IncompleteStackVMContext intentionally does not derive from IDMVMContext.

There can be other clients that receives IDMContext with no parents, and they have to accommodate for that.


I guess the generic question, is it OK for DSF to populate flexible threes with VM contexts that are not  IDMVMContexts ?




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