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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Indexer Scalability

On 05/27/2011 04:56 PM, Sergey Prigogin wrote:
> What numbers of unresolved includes and symbols are you getting? 
> Sometimes indexing can be very fast when the project setup is completely 
> wrong.

I enabled indexer statistics thanks to the hint from Achim's email

Here is what I get for Mozilla:

C/C++ Indexer: Project 'mozilla' (5775 sources, 6617 headers)
    Options: indexer='PDOMFastIndexer', parseAllFiles=true, 
      unusedHeaders=useDefaultLanguage, skipReferences=false, skipImplicitReferences=false, skipTypeReferences=false, skipMacroReferences=false.
    Database: 190164992 bytes
    Timings: 186188 total, 72622 parser, 12358 resolution, 37182 index update.
    Errors: 0 internal, 20665 include, 1125 scanner, 12344 syntax errors.
    Names: 990333 declarations, 4924443 references, 718561(10.83%) unresolved.
    Cache[45MB]: 247936670 hits, 130921(0.05%) misses.

Does that mean that I have 20665 unresolved includes and 718561 unresolved symbols ?

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