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Re: [cdt-dev] How to start my plugin when C editor is started?

If the CEditor provides any extension points (it must?), then you could pick one and provide a dummy extension that points to an empty class in your plugin. When the CEditor loads your extension, your class should be instantiated, which should in turn activate your plugin (make sure this option is checked in the MANIFEST.MF).

Loading of extensions is often deferred until they are needed. You would need to pick an extension-point that is activated by the time the CEditor is opened.


On 11-03-30 01:28 AM, Petri Tuononen wrote:
  That might be tricky, because plug-ins are not usually meant to be
activated like that. However you are able to activate your plug-in as
early as workbench start (not recommended though) by extending
org.eclipse.ui.startup and implement IStartup interface. You must also
call earlyStartup method. More descriptive instructions here:
There's always another option which is to replace the C editor with your
own implementation although this might be quite inelegant solution.


On 03/30/2011 12:33 PM, wooyoung.cho wrote:
I want my plugin to be activated(loaded) not just enabled.
Now the user should press a button. But I'm looking for a way to
activate it automatically when C editor is opened.

---- On Wed, 30 Mar 2011 00:06:37 +0900 *Petri Tuononen
<petri.tuononen@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:petri.tuononen@xxxxxxxxx>>* wrote ----

    When the plug-in is installed the feature is enabled. The
    additions should then be visible on C editor.


    On 29.3.2011 14:50, wooyoung.cho wrote:
    I'm writing my own plugin which depends on CDT. It adds
    additional functionality to C editor, so it needs to be started
    while C editor is started.
    Is there an appropriate extension point provided by CDT for this
    Or any other suggestions?


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