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Re: [cdt-dev] How to start my plugin when C editor is started?

On 30 March 2011 06:28, Petri Tuononen <petri.tuononen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That might be tricky, because plug-ins are not usually meant to be activated like that. However you are able to activate your plug-in as early as workbench start (not recommended though) by extending org.eclipse.ui.startup and implement IStartup interface. You must also call earlyStartup method. More descriptive instructions here:
There's always another option which is to replace the C editor with your own implementation although this might be quite inelegant solution.

I think this is what integrators tend to do.  When shipping products where you add value, not necessarily through extension points, sometimes the only way to get your plugin started in time is to load it in earlyStartup.  Of course this leads to issues when every integrator treats their plugins as special. however I haven't found a better solution...


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