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Re: [cdt-dev] addMacro seems to have no effect

Hi Markus,

thanks for the quick reply

The definition of 'ScannerConfig' looks correct.
> Although you claim that 'it' is being called
> I would think that the parser does not use your scanner config.

I derive my own language like this:

public class CPN extends GCCLanguage implements ICLanguageKeywords

    public Object getAdapter(Class adapter) {
        if (adapter == ICLanguageKeywords.class)
            return this;
            return super.getAdapter(adapter);

    public String[] getKeywords() {

protected IScannerExtensionConfiguration getScannerExtensionConfiguration() {
        return new ScannerConfig();

SyntaxHighlighting works using getKeywords, and I can see that getScannerExtensionConfiguration is also called using a debugger, so I think the basic "setup" should be correct.


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