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[cdt-dev] addMacro seems to have no effect


while I can successfully syntax highlight additional keywords now, I would also like to get rid of "syntax errors" markers.

I basically just want my additional stuff to be ignored by the parser, therefore I'm providing my own ScannerConfig and using addMacro, but both variants below do not seem to work and have no effect. I made sure they are actually called, though.

public class ScannerConfig extends
        GNUScannerExtensionConfiguration {
    public ScannerConfig() {

        addMacro("__PNin", "");
        addMacro("__PNout", "/**/");

If I edit the source code directly like

#define __PNin
#define __PNout /**/

I get exactly the desired behaviour. Do I have wrong expectations into addMacro?

Thanks for any help.


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