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[cdt-dev] Launch configurations coupled with specific toolchains


A group of us here at the IBM Linux Technology Center are developing a bundling of Eclipse + other plug-ins + the CDT, including a custom CDT toolchain which superclasses the GNU toolchain, but uses gcc, etc in a different path.

The CDT documentation seems to imply that there's a way to connect a custom debugger path to a toolchain; Klaus Kiwi found this reference at

"A toolchain is a set of tools (such as a compiler, linker, and assembler) intended to build your project. Additional tools, such as a debugger, can be associated with a toolchain. There can be several toolchains available, depending on the compilers installed on your system."

However, when I look in the CDT source code and use the UI, I haven't found any such connection. The code for the DSF GDB debugger, for example, just uses the default debugger command from the DEBUGGER_DEBUG_NAME_DEFAULT constant defined in the org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb.IGDBLaunchConfigurationConstants package.

Also, I haven't found anything linking a toolchain to a launch configuration. Is there any communication between these objects? Are we missing something here?

Thanks for your consideration,

- Corey

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