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[cdt-dev] Querying the indexer for template specializations



Together with Lukas Felber I'm working on the Includator plug-in, for managing include directives in CDT. Currently, I'm trying to resolve dependencies to (partial) template specializations.


The starting point is a simple template definition:


template <typename T, unsigned length>

class FixedVector {


      FixedVector() { std::cout << "constr of FixedVector" << std::endl; }



This template has three specializations:


template <unsigned length>

class FixedVector<bool, length> {


      FixedVector() { std::cout << "constr of FixedVector<bool, length>" << std::endl; }



template <unsigned length>

class FixedVector<int, length> {


      FixedVector() { std::cout << "constr of FixedVector<int, length>" << std::endl; }




class FixedVector<int, 5> {


      FixedVector() { std::cout << "constr of FixedVector<int, 5>" << std::endl; }



In the main-function three FixedVector templates are instantiated:


int main() {

      FixedVector<double,8> fDouble;

      FixedVector<int,5> fInt;

      FixedVector<bool,8> fBool;

      return 0;



From these statements I'm expecting to get the following dependencies.

- From FixedVector<double,8> to the template FixedVector<T, length>

- From FixedVector<int,5> to the template specialization FixedVector<int,5>

- From FixedVector<bool,8> to the partially specialized template FixedVector<bool,length>


My question is, whether I can get such information from the indexer. Currently, I'm able to resolve the following dependencies:

- For each type specifier I get a binding of type PDOMCPPClassInstance

- If I query the indexer for the names of corresponding declarations and definitions I get the following result (index.findNames(binding, IIndex.FIND_DECLARATIONS_DEFINITIONS)):

    - FixedVector<double,8>: Nothing; no corresponding name

    - FixedVector<bool,8>: Nothing; no corresponding name

    - FixedVector<int,5>: The name of the corresponding specialization

Via the completion context for FixedVector<double,8> and FixedVector<bool,8> I can get all names of the base template and all not-fully specified template definitions. This is actually too much, but I could use this result for further investigation.


Is there a nifty way to get the effectively used partial specializations for FixedVector<double,8> and FixedVector<bool,8>?


Thanks a lot.



PS: I'm working on the "cdt_7_0_1 (Branch)" tag.

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