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[cdt-dev] How to extend GdbLaunchSequence for multi core?

Hi All,

We have a multi core launch having the following architecture:
1. A hardware target (on a board)
2. A PC connected to this board via USB.
3. A gdb server running on the PC which allows clients to connect and debug each core on the hardware target.
4. Using the IDE, user creates a multi core launch. The launch starts one gdb process for each core to be debugged. All the gdbs connect to the same gdbserver, but on different ports. Each core is assigned one port in the gdb server, such that user can debug core0 thru port 10000, core1 thru port 10001, core2 thru port 10002 etc.

Can I extend GDBLaunchDelegate and GDBLaunch to support this debug scenario? Currently GDBLaunchDelegate only supports running one gdb and one program. How can it be subclassed to support multiple gdbs running different programs?

One starting point might be to create one object of DsfSession per core/gdb, and all dsfsession objects share the same executor thread. But can a single GdbLaunchDelegate support multiple dsfsession objects?

If this is not possible, we will have to create our own LaunchDelegate and Launch classes from scratch by extending org.eclipse.debug.core.model.LaunchConfigurationDelegate, and that will mean not being able to take advantage of any new features introduced in GdbLaunchDelegate.

Tensilica India

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