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Re: [cdt-dev] LLVM plugin for Eclipse CDT

I posted an enhancement bug

Please take a look. It's not 100% ready but the issues are documented so hopefully someone is interested to contribute.


On 02/06/2011 04:35 PM, Petri Tuononen wrote:
I feel like I have a great proposition to make. I have been working on LLVM plugin for Eclipse CDT for some time now. This allows compilation of C/C ++ code with Clang or llvm-gcc front-ends using LLVM as a backend. LLVM static compiler and JIT practically also implemented. Linux and Windows platforms are targeted, but would work on Mac OS X too. This is the first ever LLVM plugin targeted for Eclipse and development is in quite good shape regardless of the man power. The plugin uses EPL open-source license and would be highly appreciated if this project would get part of the 'official' CDT sub-projects in order to ensure its further development.

The new LLVM toolchain would be just perfect addition to CDT don't you think?

I would like to be part of the following teleconferences etc. what is necessary and introduce it further. Also documentation is widely available on request. I'm also willing to help to work with this project further and would appreciate a committer status as I have been fixing multiple amounts of CDT bugs lately. This committer status could be targeted only to LLVM-CDT integration plug-in, because a proper web hosting for update site would be appropriate.

Currently this is a plugin project hosted on Google code

SVN repository:

The plan would be to make this project as an integral part of CDT and for that I need all the help the CDT community can provide.

I hope you all fellow developers take this as an option and think of the amount of users it would affect and all the limitless options it may bring. Let's make CDT even better!

Best Regards,
Petri Tuononen

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