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[cdt-dev] Downloads Report

I had promised to give an update on the download stats when we hit
200K, and unfortunately I missed it. Right now, were at 222K. Not bad.
It seems to put us on a very similar trajectory as CDT 7.0. But again,
the downloads will really pick up in September when the kids get back
to school.

So there's not really any surprises. The percentages are pretty much
the same as when we were at 100K. 60% Windows, 33.5% Linux, 7% Mac.

Interesting notes: there's been 6K downloads of the master zip.
Wascana is at 2400. And I am counting the Linux tools package which is
currently at 14K.

Probably the biggest surprise to me is the 20K+ of Windows 64-bit. I'm
not even sure win32 core fragment supports it and we definitely don't
have a x86_64 one. We should look at that for the first SR-1 release.

Finally, the Eclipse C/C++ IDE, including the Linux one, represent
180K or 74% of our downloads. Goes to show how important it is to be a
part of the train and the Eclipse Packaging Project.

I'll do my next report at the CDT summit.


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