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Re: [cdt-dev] org.eclipse.cdt.core.dom.parser.c


have a look at the CVS repository:

"   1.  Connect to CVS repository:
:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:2401/cvsroot/tools (Or
:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:80/cvsroot/tools from behind
corporate firewall)
   2. Check out: org.eclipse.cdt/all "

Underneath of "all" you will find the folder "org.eclipse.cdt.core".
Inside their is a subfolder for the "parser" where you can find the
source code.

But I think you can access Block Comments right know using the AST of
the C Source Code. The IASTTranslationUnit provides a method for
getting all comments (getComments()). This Method returns an Array of
IASTComment's. And IASTComment provides a to determine whether it is a
block comment or not (see IASTComment.isBlockComment()).

Cheers, Helko


Helko Glathe

2010/8/17 Flo Menier <josieenfrance@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Can someone tell me where I can download the code source
> of org.eclipse.cdt.core.dom.parser.c,
> and org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.parser.scanner? I want to understand how
> lexer works in CDT? I want to get block comments in a C source file instead
> of ignorer them.
> Thanks a lot
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