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Re: [cdt-dev] breakpoint installation errors due to source lookup problems

I have seen the same thing.  But I noticed that all the breakpoints were
in libraries that the project was referencing and not the project
itself.  My workaround was after gdb was started to toggle all the
breakpoints in the breakpoint view and it would work as expected.  I
believe that Eclipse is sending breakpoint locations before gdb has
fully opened all the files/directories referenced by the application.

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 12:19:10PM -0700, Tim Black wrote:
> I was not able to find anything on bugzilla related to breakpoint
> installation problems. I am getting "No source file named *" errors when
> starting up a debug session that has several breakpoints defined.
> Some of the breakpoints in question are inside methods of class templates
> and function templates, defined in a header file. But some are in .cpp files
> as well.
> I looked in the gdb traces console for any clues as to what happened, and I
> can some errors in response to some of the break-insert commands, like this:
> 308,098 169-break-insert
> /home/tblack/eclipse_workspaces/cdt_3.6/project/Util/source/netutil.cpp:50\
> 3
> 308,199 169^error,msg="No source file named
> /home/tblack/eclipse_workspaces/cdt_3.6/project/Util/so\
> urce/netutil.cpp."
> For some of the breakpoints, I can recreate the breakpoint on that line, and
> it works and the gdb traces console indicates the same break-insert command
> as was tried at launch, but this time no error. For some of the breakpoints,
> however, when I recreate the breakpoint, it continues to fail and the gdb
> traces console indicates the same command and same error. All of the files
> seem to have been indexed.
> I am using GDB 7.1, Helios, and CDT 7.0. I use GDB DSF launchers and the
> Source Lookup Path is defined to have a single entry "Absolute File Path".
> This is the only way I was able to resolve another problem (See

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