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[cdt-dev] breakpoint installation errors due to source lookup problems

I was not able to find anything on bugzilla related to breakpoint installation problems. I am getting "No source file named *" errors when starting up a debug session that has several breakpoints defined.

Some of the breakpoints in question are inside methods of class templates and function templates, defined in a header file. But some are in .cpp files as well.

I looked in the gdb traces console for any clues as to what happened, and I can some errors in response to some of the break-insert commands, like this:

308,098 169-break-insert /home/tblack/eclipse_workspaces/cdt_3.6/project/Util/source/netutil.cpp:50\
308,199 169^error,msg="No source file named /home/tblack/eclipse_workspaces/cdt_3.6/project/Util/so\

For some of the breakpoints, I can recreate the breakpoint on that line, and it works and the gdb traces console indicates the same break-insert command as was tried at launch, but this time no error. For some of the breakpoints, however, when I recreate the breakpoint, it continues to fail and the gdb traces console indicates the same command and same error. All of the files seem to have been indexed.

I am using GDB 7.1, Helios, and CDT 7.0. I use GDB DSF launchers and the Source Lookup Path is defined to have a single entry "Absolute File Path". This is the only way I was able to resolve another problem (See

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