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RE: [cdt-dev] move to line?

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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] move to line?
> "Run To Line" has the effect of (and is probably implemented 
> mostly by)
> a] leaving the instruction pointer where it is
> b] setting a temp breakpoint at the point where "Run to Line" 
> was invoked
> c] performing a continue (a la F8)
> d] removing the temorary breakpoint at the end of the when 
> any event occurs
> i.e. if you run to line and a breakpoint is in the way, that 
> breakpoint will be hit.

For completenes: there is a preference in Run/Debug
"Skip breakpoints during a 'Run to Line' operation"
which allows the user to choose the preferred behavior.

> "Resume at Line" has the effect of:
> a] setting the register of the instruction pointer to the 
> address at the line where invoked
> b] performing a continue (a la F8)
> "Move to Line" is essectially just [a] of "Resume at line" 
> with no continue.
> my sense is the icons were changed because the iconography 
> better represents the above distinctions.  notice the "tail" 
> on the "Resume at line" icon, indicating movement away, 
> versus the "full stop" at the bottom of the "Move to line" icon.
> ++ kirk
> On 2010-Aug-5, at 8:39 AM, ext Alena Laskavaia wrote:
> 	Debugger. I have a question from customer for which I 
> don't know the answer.
> 	"Move To Line" has been inserted (cdt 6.0) between the 
> old "Run To
> 	Line" and "Resume At Line".
> 	What is the different between them?
> 	This new entry has the same icon that the old "Resume 
> At Line" used to have,
> 	and "Resume At Line" has a new icon.  This use/change 
> of iconography is a bit
> 	confusing.
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