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Re: [cdt-dev] move to line?

"Run To Line" has the effect of (and is probably implemented mostly by)
a] leaving the instruction pointer where it is
b] setting a temp breakpoint at the point where "Run to Line" was invoked
c] performing a continue (a la F8)
d] removing the temorary breakpoint at the end of the when any event occurs

i.e. if you run to line and a breakpoint is in the way, that breakpoint will be hit.

"Resume at Line" has the effect of:
a] setting the register of the instruction pointer to the address at the line where invoked
b] performing a continue (a la F8)

"Move to Line" is essectially just [a] of "Resume at line" with no continue.

my sense is the icons were changed because the iconography better represents the above distinctions.  notice the "tail" on the "Resume at line" icon, indicating movement away, versus the "full stop" at the bottom of the "Move to line" icon.

++ kirk

On 2010-Aug-5, at 8:39 AM, ext Alena Laskavaia wrote:

Debugger. I have a question from customer for which I don't know the answer.
"Move To Line" has been inserted (cdt 6.0) between the old "Run To
Line" and "Resume At Line".

What is the different between them?

This new entry has the same icon that the old "Resume At Line" used to have,
and "Resume At Line" has a new icon.  This use/change of iconography is a bit
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