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RE: [cdt-dev] [DSF] SessionType

At 03:24 PM 7/8/2010, Marc Khouzam wrote:
If we decide
to break the API for other reasons later on in the Indigo release,
we can revisit the solution and make it simpler if you prefer.

This gets back to my point earlier. There is a cost associated with not making the call early on. Up to the point where you make the decision to bump the major version, you have to do everything twice, and the first of each iteration is usually pretty cumbersome. This represents wasted resources on both the framework-side and the client-side. Whereas if you can reasonably predict that you'll eventually come to that decision, you can save yourself quite a bit of hassle and just "do it right the first time" (to quote Mike Holmes).

What I'm saying is Helios is less than a month old and we're seeing these sort of issues surface. I suspect it's because the Helios release marked the start of more wide-spread adoption. Do you honestly think we're going to get through the next 11 months with all these new adopters and not have enough challenging architectural issues to warrant the major version bump?

Anyway, that's my last comment on this matter.

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