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[cdt-dev] [DSF-GDB] Remote Attach problem

The DSF-GDB remote attach to process is not working well with gdb
version lower than 7.0.

I have a simple "HelloWorld" program compiled for Linux. It does an
infinite looping and "sleep(5)" in the loop. I use the remote gdbserver
attach to the process. The process stops but the "Debug" view only gives
me the "Resume" and "Stop" buttons, the rest of the buttons are
disabled. There is not thread info under the process. If I "resume" and
then "pause" the process, I get the thread info and the rest of the
buttons are enabled I can step-in and step-over.

I tried gdb 7.0, there is no problem. I was given the tread info and all
the buttons were enabled right after the attach.

The above tests used Linux gdb.

- Andy

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