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Re: [cdt-dev] How to investigate "Too many open files" error?

Hi James,

> You're not using CCRC are you?

if you're talking about ClearCase (guessed by asking Google), then no.
I'm using the Helios CDT distribution 
without any additions (except non-java based code like gcc and gdb).

> You can look in /proc to see what the file descriptors are connected to:
> ls /proct/<pid>/fd

Yes, and this leads me to the same information as 'lsof | grep java'
which shows that the java process memory map file '/proc/<java-pid>/maps'
is held open many many times.

Wait a moment ... :-) That's it: Switching from the OpenJDK JRE 1.6 to
the Sun JRE 1.6 (both java 1.6) solves the problem. So it seems to be
a bug in the OpenJDK JRE.

Thanks for your answer, which finally led me in the right direction.


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