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[cdt-dev] Git update

Hey gang,

(Yes, I'm still on vacation, but I just thought of this and don't want
to forget :).

I talked with Denis at the Helios release repository. Only the egit is
currently allowed to use Gerrit. It's partly a legal process issue
since you need to be able to generate the iplog like we can from
bugzilla (mind you Chris zx already has this coded up for Gerrit). The
bigger issue though is just the server power needed to support Gerrit
for more projects and that's probably the bigger issue. I'll continue
to work with them and see if we can be first in line when and if they
do decide to support it.

But that does mean, we need to be prepared to go to git without Gerrit
and will need to figure out what the contribution process (i.e. what
would patches look like) is in that case.

The other issue is the breakup of the CVS repository into one or more
git repositories. There's a heated debate happening on bug I'd appreciate
it if more people would give it a try and provide feedback. That
includes both committers and non-committers. The Foundation team does
currently have the CDT in a single repository at:


Please give it a try and let us know if it's too big.


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