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Re: [cdt-dev] Creating an input file based on project references

On 24 June 2010 15:14, Matthew Fortune <Matthew.Fortune@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> James,
> I have got a new exported option type (currently called executables) which is successfully passing the executable file artifacts from one project to the next (the plumbing to achieve that was relatively significant). Now that I have the full set of executables in the 'final' project my tool needs further information about the structure of the workspace. Each executable may depend on one or more other executables and this is not encoded within the binaries.
> So in addition to being able to access the artifacts (which gives me the ability to re-build when they change), I need this extra information.
> Does that make sense?

You can get the references as part of the c project description manager delta.
I've not tried to do anything similar to the above, so can't give much
advice.  An alternative would be to run your final tool as a special
custom eclipse builder in the top-level project.  Having built the
references this could construct your tool command using whatever
custom logic you have.


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