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RE: [cdt-dev] Parsing C "project" outside Eclipse?

Hi Nicolas,

I think one path you can take is this.  It's based on experimental non-API work but it may be the essence of what you need.

To index multiple files together and to be able to resolve bindings among them, I think you need to create your own index:

1) Look at the org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.indexer.StandaloneIndexer class and the various subclasses it has.  I think you can instantiate this and its helper interfaces for looking up various kinds of files and providing the scanner information.  Then I think you can pass a list of file paths to #rebuild().  This seems like the way to parse and index multiple files in a "project" together, without needing an actual IProject.  

2) Then I think you can use IIndex* APIs on the index created there (I haven't done this myself before, so it may take some investigation and research).

As for making this work outside Eclipse:

1) In your plug-in project that links to the org.eclipse.cdt.core and other required Eclipse plugins, make a Java main class inside it.  Launch the class as a Java Application.  The PDE will be able to load classes from plugins even standalone.  [* but see below]

2) Then, export the whole shebang as a JAR file (File > Export > Java > Runnable JAR file).  Provide the launch configuration you used for the Java Application, and select "Package required libraries into generated JAR".  

3) Then you'll have a pretty huge JAR file that includes a lot of Eclipse stuff, but can be run outside Eclipse :)

[*] Note:  I haven't tried anything like this, and there may be some hurdles along the way.  For example, some parts of CDT may have assumptions about a workspace or workbench existing, or they may rely on the OSGi capabilities to load essential extensions, so a standalone Java application might not work.  You may need to make an OSGi framework launch, which I've never played with before.  But that's the best I can offer for now, in addition to what Alena and Chris have suggested :)

-- Ed

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I am really sorry to insist on this, but I cannot find my way out of it :-(

I want to use CDT parser (and indexer?) outside eclipse to take advantage of the binding facilities.

I found how to parse a single file, but I would like to parse a "project", i.e. directory and subdirectories + possibly include path.

Can anybody suggest some place where I could find code example of how to do it?

I saw a suggestion to look at RDT in PTP, but this is a large project and I could not find what I am looking for in it.


Nicolas Anquetil        Univ. Lille1 / INRIA-equipe RMod

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