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Re: [cdt-dev] Note: API addition in DSF

You should only need to extends MIExpressions to implement IExpressions2.  Hopefully you could just do a cut and paste job from org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core.cdi.model.VariableDescribptor.encodeVariable().


Axel Müller wrote:
Seems like I have to implement something similar to in EDC 
(which is rather longish! Do I need all of this?).

public class MICastToArray extends AbstractDsfService implements IExpressions2
in org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb/src/org/eclipse/cdt/dsf/mi/service

But how (and where) do I register the service? Or should I extend 

A lot of questions...

Perhaps these questions seems to be silly but I am still a freshman with 
respect to to the Eclipse interns (and terminology).


I don't know the details or the complexity of this bug, but
if Axel is willing to give it a try, I will gladly review and answer

I believe EDC is using this interface, so it may serve as a good example.

Please let us know if I'm being overly optimistic about the issue.

It could be the Axel's first step in a long and pleasant journey with the
 CDT code. :-)

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Well 7.0 is not here yet.  So hold your breath...


Axel Müller wrote:

That's a pity. That feature is very important for me and might therefore be
 a show stopper to use DSF.
Would it be difficult to implement for somebody who has no knowledge of DSF
and only little about Eclipse?


I think either me or Randy were signed up to work on this, but we've had
a lot of non Eclipse work come up lately and haven't been able to make
any progress on this.  If anyone has time to complete this
implementation please go ahead.

Axel Müller wrote:

Anybody working on the gdb implementation for DSF?



As part of Bug
306553<><https://bugs.e> - Extend expressions service to
 allow casting to type and showing arrays , I added a new DSF service
 "IExpressions2" so a backend can support this implementation.  No other
 APIs were modified.

The CDT UI commands for this (Cast To Type/Display As Array/Restore
 Original Type) were converted to new-style Eclipse commands in the
 process, so an adapter can implement ICastToType/ICastToArray.  I
 validated that this still works with CDI/GDB.

-- Ed

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