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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT docs and need Info on Indexer pref panel

Not to be snarky, but wikipedia seems to have this figured out ;-)

I'd be less worried about quality than about lack of participation. If we have a lot of participants, then quality will quickly catch up.
My $0.02,

John Cortell wrote:
My 2 cents. Bad documentation can be more frustrating than no documentation. Explaining technical subjects in a clear, cohesive and accurate manner requires skills and patience not everyone has, but sometimes people don't realize they lack those skills (the early weeks of an American Idol season come to mind). Having a free-for-all approach to the documentation is fine as long as there is someone closely monitoring and massaging the contributed content. Unless we have a resource who is committed to such policing, I'd be concerned about opening up the docs to the bugzilla community.


At 11:53 AM 4/14/2010, James Blackburn wrote:
On 14 April 2010 17:30, Doug Schaefer <cdtdoug@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yeah, it already is open to the community. People can contribute patches to
> it like anything else. If you want to crowd source it in a git repo
> somewhere, that's fine as long as we can bring it back into the doc plug-in
> for release.

Well AFAICS it's not open as the barrier to entry is too high:
 - contributors need to find and checkout documenation
 - contributors need to write HTML
- contributors need to submit patches for approval and commit by committers.

What the other projects have been doing is putting the documentation
on the wiki which can then be edited by anyone with a bugzilla
For releng purposes they've generate the distributed docs from the wiki.

Wiki isn't perfect, but it certainly lowers the barrier to entry.


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