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[cdt-dev] CDT docs and need Info on Indexer pref panel

Okay, now that taxes are done I'm turning my attention to the CDT docs. Over the next few weeks I'm going to attempt to:

- review all my previous patches and see if they still apply. If they do, I'll commit the patch and mark the bug as fixed. If the initial patch can no longer be applied, I'll update with a new version and apply that, then again close the bug.

- review all other CDT doc bugs and patch as many as I can

- rearrange the CDT manual's TOC > Pref panels section to more closely match what the user  finds in the current release.

- start filling in obvious doc holes.

And that's where I need your help. One of the big pref panels not covered is the Indexer. Where can I find more information of its design goals and options so I can document them for our users?

All input appreciated.

thx // frank

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