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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT docs and need Info on Indexer pref panel

By happy coincidence, Chris Aniszczyk is here in the office assisting our team with some Eclipse issues so I've set up a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss how best we might move the CDT docs to open contributions.

@Alena Laskavaia
	What does mean "open documentation to community"? Allow write access
	to cvs? Or read access?

"Open documentation to the community" to me means that we post the CDT docs on a wiki or similar site and allow everyone to contribute revisions, content, examples, etc. We then use some Ant scripts to convert the wiki pages into HTML files and package it into a release version of the docs. 

Wikis by their nature are interactive so it might encourage more people to assist us in both maintaining and improving the docs.


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