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RE: [cdt-dev] common gdb plugin

Sorry for the confusion.  There was no official decision to stop fixing bugs for CDI.  I should not have talked
about bug fixes, but more of new features.  If there will not be any new features in CDI, then copying the
code might be a sufficient solution, to allow the copied DSF code to evolve with new features.
But then bug fixes would have to be duplicated...
Tough call.  I'm ok with either one, if someone wants to take the time to move things around.

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On 06/04/2010 8:17 PM, Marc Khouzam wrote:
In fact, if we are still in agreement that CDI is no longer being evolved, duplicating the code would
not be so bad since we would not change the CDI side of it anymore.
I realize that in reality, fixes are still applied to CDI though, so duplicate code is not a great thing.
Do we believe this trend will slow down?  That would be a way to help make this decision.
Marc, I probably missed the call when the agreement was announced. Many companies are still shipping products based on CDI and it's a big investment for them to switch to DSF/GDB. If we stop fixing bugs that's not going to force them to switch to DSF. They will simply copy the source code and will try to fix the problems themselves.
I understand you having been in the similar situation before. You are now the only person who works full time on DSF/GDB and if Ericsson decide to stop  supporting it then what?
Doug, you can pretend that the CDI is not there, but it is there :)

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