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Re: [cdt-dev] common gdb plugin

On 06/04/2010 8:17 PM, Marc Khouzam wrote:
In fact, if we are still in agreement that CDI is no longer being evolved, duplicating the code would
not be so bad since we would not change the CDI side of it anymore.
I realize that in reality, fixes are still applied to CDI though, so duplicate code is not a great thing.
Do we believe this trend will slow down?  That would be a way to help make this decision.
Marc, I probably missed the call when the agreement was announced. Many companies are still shipping products based on CDI and it's a big investment for them to switch to DSF/GDB. If we stop fixing bugs that's not going to force them to switch to DSF. They will simply copy the source code and will try to fix the problems themselves.
I understand you having been in the similar situation before. You are now the only person who works full time on DSF/GDB and if Ericsson decide to stop  supporting it then what?
Doug, you can pretend that the CDI is not there, but it is there :)

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