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[cdt-dev] Empty Project & Template Associations

I am creating a tool chain with custom tools and project types using the CDT.  Everything is showing up fine and working as expected.  The problem I am running into is that the Empty Project template is showing up on the initial project wizard as a selection.  At this time I do not want it to show up.  I have not been able to find a way to remove it.  According to the Template Association Extension Point documentation if I want to include the Empty Project template in the project wizard I just need to add a template association to my plugin.xml file, the format being:

<extension point="org.eclipse.cdt.core.templateAssociations">
   <template id="">
      <toolChain id="com.foobar.toolchain1.base"/>
      <toolChain id="com.foobar.toolchain2.base"/>

I have not added this to my plugin.xml file yet the choice still shows up in the project wizard.  Is there any way to remove it from the project wizard?

Thanks in advance,

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