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[cdt-dev] Formatting Eclipse console output

Hi there,

I will explain what I have done to get some background on my issue.
I have added a GDB/MI command and calling it from the Eclipse UI. The output of the command are some strings. I have formatted these strings in the printf statements in the GDB code so they print out correctly, in proper format on the terminal.
The output of the GDB/MI command are some GDB/MI stream records i.e. textual response to GDB's CLI commands.
However when they are printed in the Eclipse console they are printed in a single line with no formatting. Is there any way to format those strings ?
I tried to find a  post with an issue similar to mine but havent come across any. Does anyone know anything about this? A suggestion or some idea perhaps....

Thank you for your time.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Girme

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