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[cdt-dev] Remove Trailing Whitespaces - Deactivate

Hi CDT-DEV Community,

since some time now, my eclipse removes trailing whitespaces from my source code, whenever i save the file. At first i tought this would be very handy and therefore i think i probably activated this function (but i cant recall exactly). However this is very annoying when i diff my source code, merge it or what ever, especially when others review the code, they have a hard time or have to ignore whitespace-differences each code they diff which i touched. So i wanted to remove this option: (RedHat4 + Build id: 20090920-1017 -- CDT)
Window->Preferences->C++->Editor->Save Actions->Remove Trailing Whitespaces

I have the feeling whether it is checked or not, it will trim the line and i cant find any other place to deactivate this. I hope somebody can help me, since i don't want to annoy my co workers any longer, thanks in advanced.

Kind Regards,
Peter Kluger

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