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RE: [cdt-dev] MinGW gdb


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> Sent: February-04-10 1:00 PM
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> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 12:21 PM, Marc Khouzam 
> <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 	Good point.  However, I've tried hard to get the Mac support for
> 	DSF-GDB to work as well as CDI.  In fact, we had 
> reached that point
> 	until last night, when new patches were committed to CDI :-)
> 	I am all for continuing to make CDI work whenever the community
> 	contributes patches.  However, I am hoping that efforts 
> put towards
> 	CDI are not taken away from DSF-GDB, as this is 
> probably not the most
> 	efficient way to proceed.
> 	Mac is a good example again in this case, as we got 
> good patches for
> 	DSF-GDB as soon as we were clear that this was the 
> future for CDT,
> 	instead of focusing on CDI.
> 	I'm hoping that we can get some traction through such 
> efforts and that
> 	more and more DSF-GDB patches will come in to fix 
> whatever issues there
> 	are that affect a specific platform/community.
> Exactly my point. The community decides. The Mac community 
> has decided to fix CDI first. The best we can do is try and 
> influence them, which we have done. But we are an open 
> community and that's what the community has decided.

I agree with you that if the community goes a certain way, then
we shouldn't be against it.  In this case however, my impression
was that the Mac community was trying to fix CDI-GDB because 
that was the one that got used by default when they 
"just debugged their app".  If DSF-GDB had been the default
choice, I think we would have gotten the DSF-GDB patches first.
But I can't really be sure of that.

> BTW, I do hope people realize there is huge potential on the 
> Mac. Most Mac developers I've talked to aren't very happy 
> with XCode. But maybe that's why they are talking to me :).

It would be great to tap into that.
(I'm personally trying to get a Mac to help with this.  I have
an idea in mind but  I'm not holding my breadth just yet)


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