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RE: [cdt-dev] MinGW gdb


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> Sure. However, my plan for the next couple of weeks is to 
> take another look at our launch story. I hate the fact we 
> have a default. It should be related to the toolchain that 
> the user is using for their project. Then when you define 
> your toolchain, you can say what debugger and integration 
> framework to use. 

Are you talking about end-users defining the toolchain or 
vendors?  If we're talking about end-users, then
I think we all agreed it was not a good final solution
to make the users _have_ to choose a debugger integration
framework.  That is why we have the default.

But won't the same problem come up when defining a toolchain?
Which debugger integration will be the default when you are 
defining a toolchain?

I'm thinking we need to have default for the people that fit
in the category: "I just want to debug my application".
And for those people, I think the default should be
the integration that gives them the most debugging features.



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