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RE: [cdt-dev] Packaging up a modified CDT with an Eclipse


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> Hi,
> Would it be best to add a CDT derived drop in to an Eclipse 
> that has never had a CDT installed e.g. a download of 
> 'Eclipse Classic' from so 
> as to sidestep any issues regarding versions?

I do it both ways.  If you want to export the entire CDT, you can
install plain eclipse and drop all the new CDT jars in dropins.
If you prefer to only build the CDT plugins that you've changed, you
just increment their version and drop them into dropins, while having
already installed CDT.

> Cheers,
> George
> > You can no longer use the plugin dir with P2, you have to use the 
> > dropins dir.  If you are replacing existing plugins, you 
> have to make 
> > sure the version in MANIFEST is higher than the one you are 
> replacing.
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