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[cdt-dev] CDT problems after upgrading to Cygwin 1.7

Dear friends,
unfortunately I had to upgrade Cygwin and now I CDT does no longer work
correctly. I fixed some problems, but now I am stuck.
First problems was that sh.exe was deleted. This problem is fixed.
My cygwin setup looks as follows.
$ cat /etc/setup/installed.db
alternatives alternatives-1.3.30c-10.tar.bz2 0
base-cygwin base-cygwin-2.1-1.tar.bz2 0
base-files base-files-3.9-3.tar.bz2 0
base-passwd base-passwd-3.1-1.tar.bz2 0
bash bash-3.2.49-23.tar.bz2 0
binutils binutils-2.19.51-1.tar.bz2 0
bzip2 bzip2-1.0.5-10.tar.bz2 0
coreutils coreutils-7.0-2.tar.bz2 0
cppunit cppunit-1.12.0-1.tar.bz2 0
cygutils cygutils-1.4.2-1.tar.bz2 0
cygwin cygwin-1.7.1-1.tar.bz2 0
cygwin-doc cygwin-doc-1.5-1.tar.bz2 0
dash dash- 0
editrights editrights-1.01-2.tar.bz2 0
findutils findutils-4.5.5-1.tar.bz2 0
gawk gawk-3.1.7-1.tar.bz2 0
gcc-core gcc-core-3.4.4-999.tar.bz2 0
gcc-g++ gcc-g++-3.4.4-999.tar.bz2 0
gcc-java gcc-java-3.4.4-999.tar.bz2 0
gcc-mingw-core gcc-mingw-core-20050522-1.tar.bz2 0
gcc-mingw-g++ gcc-mingw-g++-20050522-1.tar.bz2 0
gcc-mingw-java gcc-mingw-java-20050522-1.tar.bz2 0
gdb gdb-6.8-2.tar.bz2 0
gettext gettext-0.17-11.tar.bz2 0
grep grep-2.5.4-2.tar.bz2 0
groff groff-1.19.2-2.tar.bz2 0
gzip gzip-1.3.12-2.tar.bz2 0
ipc-utils ipc-utils-1.0-1.tar.bz2 0
less less-429-1.tar.bz2 0
libbz2_1 libbz2_1-1.0.5-10.tar.bz2 0
libgcc1 libgcc1-4.3.4-3.tar.bz2 0
libgmp3 libgmp3-4.3.1-3.tar.bz2 0
libiconv2 libiconv2-1.13.1-1.tar.bz2 0
libintl3 libintl3-0.14.5-1.tar.bz2 0
libintl8 libintl8-0.17-11.tar.bz2 0
libncurses8 libncurses8-5.5-10.tar.bz2 0
libncurses9 libncurses9-5.7-16.tar.bz2 0
libpcre0 libpcre0-8.00-1.tar.bz2 0
libpopt0 libpopt0-1.6.4-4.tar.bz2 0
libreadline7 libreadline7-6.0.3-2.tar.bz2 0
libstdc++6 libstdc++6-4.3.4-3.tar.bz2 0
login login-1.10-10.tar.bz2 0
make make-3.81-2.tar.bz2 0
man man-1.6e-1.tar.bz2 0
mingw-runtime mingw-runtime-3.17-1.tar.bz2 0
rebase rebase-3.0.1-1.tar.bz2 0
run run-1.1.12-11.tar.bz2 0
sed sed-4.1.5-2.tar.bz2 0
tar tar-1.22-1.tar.bz2 0
tcltk tcltk-20080420-1.tar.bz2 0
terminfo terminfo-5.7_20091114-13.tar.bz2 0
terminfo0 terminfo0-5.5_20061104-11.tar.bz2 0
texinfo texinfo-4.13-3.tar.bz2 0
tzcode tzcode-2009k-1.tar.bz2 0
w32api w32api-3.14-1.tar.bz2 0
which which-2.20-2.tar.bz2 0
zlib zlib-1.2.3-10.tar.bz2 0
zlib-devel zlib-devel-1.2.3-10.tar.bz2 0
zlib0 zlib0-1.2.3-10.tar.bz2 0
_update-info-dir _update-info-dir-00843-1.tar.bz2 0
From a previous question from Markus on 2009-01-31 I learned that
a package named "gcc" should be installed. I only have gcc-core and do not
know how to get just gcc. Maybe I am looking at a false trace, since when
I type "gcc" into a bash, gcc is found.
CDT can compile C source, but CDT cannot find/resolve standard include paths anymore!
Please help....
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Dr. Nils Hagge

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