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[cdt-dev] searching for a Binary's files

This is a heads up on something I'm working on. I'll eventually open a bugzilla report with this description and the solution. This is just an early heads-up.

When a Binary object appears in a view, it exposes the source files that were used to produce the executable.


The user can double click on the file element and Eclipse should open the file in the editor. If the file is locally not where the debug information says the file is, finding it requires accessing the source locator API, which is in platform debug. The core plugin currently has no dependency on platform debug and it's probably best for us to keep it that way.

Additionally, we should centralize the logic to search for a binary's files. Currently the CDT debug component has search logic, the Executables view has its own, and now the core plugin would have a third. We really need to centralize the search logic so when we need to find a file, we have consistent behavior across features without code duplication.

To this end, I am working on a mechanism by which any component can search for a Binary's file on the local machine via logic that is accessible from a Binary object via the adapter mechanism. This will serve to (a) have a single piece of logic to do the searching, and (b) let the logic live in the CDT debug plugin yet be used from
any CDT plugin.

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