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[cdt-dev] Upcoming CDT Service Release and OS X Debugging.

From the CDT conference call today it seems that there is a plan going forward to shape up the OS X Debugging experience. I'll let someone else run through the details as my notes are shaky at best. But what I did take away from the call is that the implementation may take some time? With the next service release coming up I would be curious if the non-DSF patches could be committed so at least some of the major debugging "Bugs" are fixed for the next service release?

Thoughts and comments? The slow start up of the debugger and the thread-info seem like pretty low hanging fruit.

Also, from the call it sounds like some of the issues with supporting OS X is not lack of hardware (someone on the call mentioned they use CDT on their Mac) but the lack of Developer time to check patches, review code and/or actually debug issues? Is that a fair statement?

Mike Jackson                  mike.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BlueQuartz Software          
Principal Software Engineer                  Dayton, Ohio

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