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[cdt-dev] "Includes" container missing in project explorer


I set up a tool chain for a C compiler for microcontrollers. I defined an extension to
ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile (with scope "profile") and implemented a specific
specsFile/scannerInfoConsoleParser. For the other elements (scannerInfoCollector and
buildOutputProvider/scannerInfoCollector) I reused the existing implementations of the GNU C tool chain.

Although my IScannerInfoConsoleParser detects the default include paths, they don't appear in the
IDE. Neither in the project explorer in the "Includes" container, nor in the project properties
under "C/C++ General - Paths and Symbols".

The method "shutdown" of my IScannerInfoConsoleParser is a clone of
GCCSpecsConsoleParser.shutdown(), so I guess that the problem has to be somewhere else.

I already stepped through IncludeRefContainer.getChildren() (the method which provides the elements
for the project explorer), where I've seen that "IIncludeReference[] references =
fCProject.getIncludeReferences()" returns an empty list for my project.

How do I have to fill the gap between ScannerInfoConsoleParser and CProject.getIncludedReferences()?

Thanks a lot,

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