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[cdt-dev] finding a function's definition from a call


This is certainly a basic question but I cannot seem to find clear
information on the net (I even asked by mistake on cdt-l, the
Continental Divide Trail mailing list, whatever it is ... :) ).

I want to analyse some C program using CDT.

When I find in the AST an IASTExpression that I know is a function
call (instanceof IASTFunctionCallExpression), how can I find where the
function is defined (in what file) ?

I am experimenting with a simple C project that has 2 files and one
function in each file, one of the functions calls the other.

I could access the name of the FunctionCall and from that the IBinding.

What next?

I tried expr.getTranslationUnit().getDefinitionsInAST(name.resolveBinding())
with either file as translationUnit but that gave me an empty array

May be it comes from how I generate the AST?

ICProject cproj = CoreModel.getDefault().create(proj);
for (ICContainer folder : cproj.getSourceRoots()) {
 for (ITranslationUnit unit : folder.getTranslationUnits()) {
   IASTTranslationUnit unitAST = unit.getAST();
   [...then explore the AST 'unitAST' to find
IASTFunctionCallExpression in it ... ]

Can you help?

Nicolas Anquetil        Univ. Lille1 / INRIA-equipe RMod

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