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Re: [cdt-dev] Basic doubts about Scanner Config


2009/11/26 Nayna Jain <naynjain@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> 1. What is the difference in the path discovery fot the projects having
> user created makefiles and other projects in which cdt creates makefile ?

The main difference is the way its used. Scanner discovery can provide
both the compiler built-in paths as well as paths defined in the build
system's makefiles by parsing the build output.  In managed build only
the first is used.

> 2. Apart of being makefile creation what are major differences between
> standard make and managed make projects ?

That is the difference.  In Managed projects UI is provided for
configuring the toolchain settings on the build configurations.  Both
of these are now unified, so you can turn on and off automatic
makefile generation using the checkbox in C/C++ Build.

> 3. Why there are two scannerconfig packages in each of them
> org.eclipse.cdt.make.core and org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core -
> scannerconfig and scannerconfig2 ?

As I understand it make.core predates managedbuild. Today the CDT
Builder lives in managedbuild, and much of the Makefile / Managed
world has been unified.  Things like Make Targets still live in

> 4. There is something called RcType used in CfgScannerConfigUtil class. It
> has method adjustPerRcTypeContext. What is the purpose and use of that ?

I think Rc stands for Resource Configuration. I think this maps to the
"Discovery Profiles scope" drop down in the UI -- either Per Language
or configuration wide.  How this works, or is meant to work, I don't

> 5. There are various path managers like - DiscoveredPathManager ,
> CfgDiscoveredPathManager . What is the purpose of each of them ?

As you can tell there aren't many (any?) people who understand how
scanner discovery works.  If you want to use it, due to lack of
JavaDoc or other docs you'll need to dig through the code yourself,
I'm afraid.


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