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Re: [cdt-dev] build console code location

As Andrew Gvozdev wrote to me commenting one of build console patches

"- The name of build output file is being set in Builder Settings Tab (which is
good). However, the Builder Settings are per configuration, so the file name
needs to be stored per configuration as well. It should not be kept in
.project. .project/.cproject could be shared via code repository and I don't
think output file name normally belongs there."

But configuration is part of cdt.managedbuilder.core. So to apply all my console enhancements and
to confirm all Andrew's wishes I need console to depend on
cdt.make.ui and cdt.managedbuilder.core. So there are two possible locations for buildconsole code:
top-level separate package or part of cdt.managedbuilder.ui.

Guys, please help resolving this problem, because I'm completely blocked making patches
while build console is in cdt.ui.


Dmitry Kozlov wrote:
we were discussing run command toolbar addition to build console toolbar.
The idea is to add fields to build console toolbar which enables to run
build command or some other command.
This code requires build console to depend on make.core because we need
to use

MakeBuilderUtil.getBuildDirectory(project, info) and
MakeBuilderUtil.getBuildDirectoryURI(project, info)
to get working directory for command (working in other directory have no

and error parser:
StreamMonitor streamMon = new StreamMonitor(new
SubProgressMonitor(monitor, 100), cos, last.intValue());
ErrorParserManager epm = new ErrorParserManager(project,
workingDirectoryURI, this, info.getErrorParsers());
ConsoleOutputSniffer sniffer =
                               stdout, stderr, project,
workingDirectory, null, this, null);

Will it be accepted by upstream if I move all build console code to


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