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RE: [cdt-dev] Encoding problem

> I am using Eclipse 3.2, CDT version 3.1 and i am confronting with the 
> following problem.
> I am writting a program, which in general is obtaining data from an 
> Oracle DB and records them into a file and i also write in the file.
> The data which i receive are in Greek language (in oracle data is 
> encoded with iso-8859-7).
> The .c file which contains the program is encoded with UTF-8.
> The problem is that the output file contains characters encoded in 
> ANSI (whatever is fetched from the DB) and UTF8 characters (whatever i 
> have written through c), so I cannot fully read the file!
> The editor doesn't support iso-8859-7 or ANSI. Is there any way to 
> install support for this encoding?

Eclipse can support these encodings.  The issue is, Eclipse only displays a limited set of Unicode-friendly encodings in the dropdowns for a resource's Properties > Resource > Text File Encoding or in the General > Workspace > Text File Encoding.  

But you can manually type in the encoding name in the combo box, and Eclipse will allow it if your JRE supports the encoding.  ("ANSI" is probably called "Cp1252", BTW.)

Note, you probably need to send the output file into your project's hierarchy in order to access the properties which will allow you to specify the encoding.  (I.e. File > Open File... doesn't let you select the encoding.)

-- Ed

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 5:29 AM, Giwrgos Gerakakis<giorger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello.
> A dirty solution was to define an external editor such as notepad++ 
> and edit there the .c file.
> By doing so, i had no problem, but i want to use the eclipse editor.
> Any ideas?
> Giwrgos
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