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[cdt-dev] Encoding problem

I am using Eclipse 3.2, CDT version 3.1 and i am confronting with the following problem.
I am writting a program, which in general is obtaining data from an Oracle DB and records them into a file and i also write in the file.
The data which i receive are in Greek language (in oracle data is encoded with iso-8859-7).
The .c file which contains the program is encoded with UTF-8.
The problem is that the output file contains characters encoded in ANSI (whatever is fetched from the DB) and UTF8 characters (whatever i have written through c),
so I cannot fully read the file!

The editor doesn't support iso-8859-7 or ANSI. Is there any way to install support for this encoding?

A dirty solution was to define an external editor such as notepad++ and edit there the .c file.
By doing so, i had no problem, but i want to use the eclipse editor.

Any ideas?


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