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Re: [cdt-dev] Saving configuration specific options in own PropertyTab

Thanks Wieant,
with that classes its possible to do configuration dependent settings.
I just have to find out a proper of the handling in my tab, but basicly it should be no problem.


>> I am extending the build properties by adding a new seperate tabpage.
>> This tabpage class is extending AbstractCBuildPropertyTab.
>> First of all I added a combo box with 2 entries. 
>> Now i want that user can save the current entry by hitting the Apply button 
>for his current project configuration (also restoring default values and the 
>usual settings behaviour).
>> Is there any code snippet or something how to do it? I take a look in  the 
>cdt sources, but its not very clear to me how to handle this properly.
>> Maybe anybody has a hint for me,
>We also have our own tab pages extending AbstractCBuildPropertyTab,
>which we use to set 'standard' CDT options. But to set your own
>values you should be able to use an ICStorageElement, hope the
>following snippet is helpful:
>protected void performApply(ICResourceDescription src,ICResourceDescription 
>	ICConfigurationDescription cfg = dst.getConfiguration();
>	ICStorageElement el = cfg.getStorage("<>",true);
>    	el = el.createChild("comboBox");
>        el.setAttribute("value",comboBox.getValue());
>        ...
>-- Wieant
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Mit freundlichem Gruß
Patrick Schmitt


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