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Re: [cdt-dev] Build discussion

Fine with me too.


2009/8/12 Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hey Doug,
> Just about any time is ok for me.
> -- Jeff J.
> Doug Schaefer wrote:
>> Hey gang, as I mentioned at the CDT call last week, I'd like to organize a
>> call around build and the work we'd like to do for CDT 6.1 Helios and
>> beyond. We started some really good discussion on the topic at the call and
>> there are a number of questions that came out of it:
>> - Does it make sense for the core project model to manage the information
>> for Makefile projects and how does built output scanning fit into that
>> - Should be break out build output scanning from compiler built-in
>> calculations in scanner discovery, and if so, how
>> - Is there anything we can do to improve the flexibility of the managed
>> build model (e.g. full Java implementation of a toolchain def)
>> - How do we reduce the duplication of information that ends up in the
>> .cproject file (and how do we get it to stop changing all the time..)
>> - I'm sure there's more...
>> I'd like to propose to have a conference call on Wed, Aug 26. Those who
>> would like to attend please respond with a time they are available, or even
>> if this is a bad date for them. I'd like to allow everyone to attend this
>> who can so we get everyone's input on these important issues.
>> Thanks,
>> Doug.
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