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[cdt-dev] Build discussion

Hey gang, as I mentioned at the CDT call last week, I'd like to organize a call around build and the work we'd like to do for CDT 6.1 Helios and beyond. We started some really good discussion on the topic at the call and there are a number of questions that came out of it:

- Does it make sense for the core project model to manage the information for Makefile projects and how does built output scanning fit into that
- Should be break out build output scanning from compiler built-in calculations in scanner discovery, and if so, how
- Is there anything we can do to improve the flexibility of the managed build model (e.g. full Java implementation of a toolchain def)
- How do we reduce the duplication of information that ends up in the .cproject file (and how do we get it to stop changing all the time..)
- I'm sure there's more...

I'd like to propose to have a conference call on Wed, Aug 26. Those who would like to attend please respond with a time they are available, or even if this is a bad date for them. I'd like to allow everyone to attend this who can so we get everyone's input on these important issues.


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