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Re: [cdt-dev] Advice on cdt

Excerpts from James Allsopp's message of Wed Jul 29 15:57:20 +0200 2009:
> Hi,
> I can't find a general users guide to the cdt in eclipse, so I'm hoping
> someone here can help me. I appreciate this isn't a users mailing
> list, but there doesn't seem to be one of those.

You didn't look hard enough: ->  If you are CDT user please post to _CDT
Newsgroup_ instead.

I've used cdt a little on nixos linux using Ganymede and it works fine.
How did you install Eclipse? If you used any .ebuild or rpm or such try
again using a Eclipse binary from You can unpack into a
user direcotry. Get 3.5. That works very well for me. If you used
a gentoo packaged version I can show you some examples from which tried using a packaged version of Eclipse and all
had trouble.

I guess eclipse -clean or such might help as well ?

I'm using a nightly snapshot N20090621-2000 which works great.

Good luck
Marc Weber

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